Quality Assessments Program

Your International Haemostasis EQA & IQC Programs


  • A Global QC Offer: with the latest generation of Internal QC systems and EQA Qualiris.
  • Laboratory performance analysis: automated alerts, customizable reports and graphs.
  • Easy management of laboratory user rights and account: adapt to your lab or your IHN (Integrated Health Network) organization.
  • Expert support for comparison group and troubleshooting: bring your lab to the next level of control.

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Combined with your internal quality control, an external quality assessment (EQA) program will allow a comparison of performances with other participants.

the EQA program NF EN ISO/CEI 17043 certified external quality assessment program as general standardization for International EQA program.

  • Blind plasma covering several concentration levels and reflecting most clinical settings are provided for a regular testing. Peer group comparisons with color-coded alerts and graphs are provided few days after the data submission deadline in monthly reports. Annual reports allow monthly comparison of the results.
  • My Qualiris QC can be used by all laboratories, regardless of its reagents or instrumentation used.

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